20 year old student writes over 100 trojans


A 20 year old student from Brazil has been identified by Trend Micro as having written upwards of 100 malware applications, all of which target local banking institutions. The hacker uses the name ‘Lordfenix’ and sells these malicious programmes for about $300US each.

Some of Lordfenix's money.
Some of Lordfenix’s money.

Lordfenix has said to have developed his skills online, attending hacking forums and now has grown quite confident with his skills, he even develops custom malware for anyone who pays.

Banks such as Bank of Brazil, Caixa and HSBC Brazil are in the crosshairs. His latest Trojan identifies when the infected user types in any of the targeted banks URL’s. Currently online financial crime in Brazil isn’t a priority and is still free to continue his malicious business.

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