Apple TV New Generation of Gaming

The new Apple TV, which has just been announced, alongside the new iPad Pro and iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Is set to change the way you interact with the Apples App store in your living room. Apart from the media playing functions of the Apple TV, it is set to shake up the mobile gaming market as it is now, in an essence, a it is now a games console.


Everything about the new Apple TV is targeted towards gamers, with it’s upgraded hardware and peripherals. During the announcement at WWDC15 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook showed off a multiplayer game of “Crossy Road” while utilising the new Siri remote.

It’s not just indie games that you will be experiencing on the new Apple TV, games such as Guitar Hero Live from Activision are on the release schedule. You will now be able to start a game while you’re out and about, on the bus, at work or wherever and when you arrive home pickup the action on your TV, exactly where you left it off from.

You won’t just be stuck to just the Siri remote either, there is Bluetooth controller support as well as USB slots for any 3rd party controllers you wish to use, while shooting angry birds across your 52inch TV.


With this news of Apple now targeting the mobile gaming market for TV, some are also saying the success of this platform will be a wait and see. We could see a new type of gamer emerge, as dedicated gaming consoles usually hang around the $500 mark and the Apple to enter at about $149US. Watch this space, as this should be huge.



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