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Over the weekend an overly zealous and opportunistic black hat hacker, took the Bitcoin currency exchange Bitalo for a ransom. This person went by the pseudonym DD4BC and sent off an e-mail to the company, which claimed he would perform DDoS attack on the exchanges servers, the hacker then offered to advise them of the security holes within the network but not before asking an initial sum of 1Bitcoin, any delay would mean the price would rise for knowledge of this information.

The following is taken from the email the hacker sent to Bitalo:

Your site is extremely vulnerable to ddos attacks.

I want to offer you info how to properly setup your protection, so that you can't be ddosed! My price is 1 Bitcoin only.

Right now I will star small (very small) attack which will not crash your server, but you should notice it in logs. Just check it.

I want to offer you info on how I did it and what you have to do to prevent it. If interested pay me 1 BTC to [Bitcoin address]

Bitalo CEO Martin Albert was not amused and didn’t want to take a lesson in DDoS and their preventative measures, instead he slapped a 100Bitcoin bounty on the hacker and it would be rewarded to anyone who can lead them to the hacker and ultimately his/her arrest.


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