Credit Cards Hacked in SIX Seconds

Research conducted by the University of Newcastle has highlighted how hackers could use multiple sites and specially designed software, to successfully guess credit card details within six seconds.

The flaw uses a vulnerability found with VISA’s online security system, where guesses can be made over multiple websites, to eventually arrive at the correct card details. As VISA does not track card usage over multiple sites, hackers can use this vulnerability to their advantage. For those using Mastercard, this does not affect you, as their protection systems do track usage over multiple sites, making this attack void.

VISA was contacted by the university as part of their responsible reporting protocol but a reply from the company, which appeared on The independent read the research does not take into account the multiple layers of fraud prevention that exist within the payments system, each of which must be met in order to make a transaction possible in the real world.”

So it would seem they haven’t taken the findings too seriously and have faith in their current security measures. I guess time will tell.

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