There is terrifying reports of a sophisticated and highly skilled group of hackers who are utilising hotel WiFi hotspots to install malware onto unsuspecting machines and not just any old joe, this group usually have intel on when and where big companies CEO’s and leaders are staying and target them.

It’s suspected that this sophisticated team are state funded, because of who they target and what they are looking for, which is nuclear secrets. Reasearchers have dubbed the team DarkHotel and believe they have been at work for several years now. The only information security experts have managed to uncover about them is tracing them back to South Korea, otherwise DarkHotel remain virtually undetected.

The techniques at work are quite sophisticated, installing backdoors, keyloggers whatever they feel is needed and at the same time they are covering their trail very well. The way it works is when a user attempts to connect to the hotels WiFi, a popup appears with a message to update Adobe, which is also digitally signed to keep it looking legitamet. Once you hit accept you have the malware, even if you decide to not connect at all.

This is quite serious and is a timely reminder that you should always be mindful when connecting to third party WiFi hotspots.



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