FlexiSpy – StealthGenies Lost Brother

As reported earlier on our Facebook page, it was announced that the mobile spying software “Stealth Genie” had been taken offline and the creator asked to hand over the source code, additionally he was fined $500,000USD for selling what is basically malware.

So guess what was discovered tonight, and again, via a Facebook post.  It was the digital clone of Stealth Genie (SG) , capable of doing exactly what SG can, with a surprisingly uncanny user interface and to top it off, a nice $68 monthly, just to run malware on smartphones. The list of capabilities of FlexiSpy are advertised as follows:

  • Intercept SMS, iMessage, Facebook and more
  • Intercept Phone calls
  • Track SMS’s
  • Passive Listening via the phones mic (at any time)
  • GPS tracking
  • Spy on most mobile phones (virtually invisible)
  • Password Cracking
  • last but not least “150 features no other spy product provides”

Not sure about you but i think this stuff is Malware, smells just like Stealth Genie and honestly i’m certain this will go the same way as SG did.

Finally i would suggest not downloading this, not only is it highly illegal and intrusive but there is no guarantee that your system or devices are safe. Once you download this to your system, who’s to say it doesn’t just sit there, lying in wait for you to connect your phone and then silently installing this onto your phone, or your friends phone that was plugged into your laptop to charge and so it gets worse!

Also if you are wondering why Flexispy has no youtube channel, this forum post may answer that question and it seems even the responders didn’t understand the complexity of this application.



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