Google is ruining our memory

Since Google’s foundation on September 4 1998, the search engine has evolved into many things, it has also been a resource for settling many arguments between friends and helping us find out who is right, all within mere seconds.

Though one thing i don’t think we thought would happen, is that Google would infact ruin our memories. Not ruin them in the sense of something personal and sentimental but more along the lines of out ability to recall. The brain is a complex beast and scientist still don’t fully understand it, so what exactly is happening here ?


In short, things like phone numbers aren’t being remembered and even those numbers of the parents children. Basically because these numbers are easily available online now, we as humans don’t bother retaining it, as it doesn’t seem important to anymore.

For a more in depth look and some of the statistics discovered from surveys carried out by Kaspersky and Microsoft, follow the link below to see how it all stacks up, as reported by The Guardian.

Click here for more on why Google is ruining our memories.


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