Hacking Team gets hacked



If you haven’t already seen the news about this one yet, well here it is. An Italian security firm working out of Milan, namely Hacking Team, became Hacked Team over night.


The firm develops spyware which it supplies to governments across the globe. They have always claimed that they do not supply their tools to governments which have oppressive human rights records but this hack has revealed not all is at it seems. Some of the countries which have been supplied are¬†Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Lebanon, and Egypt, all of which don’t have the best records.

There is also a 400Gb torrent floating around, containing all sorts of leaked goodies such as, source code, emails, spending records and a whole host more. As of writing this, the file has yet to be verified but this story won’t be going away soon, so more information and secrets are bound to be discovered soon.

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