Hollywood On The Hunt For Pirates

Hollywood is on the hunt for movie pirates online. A man from Northern Island has been handed a four year jail sentence, for running online piracy streaming sites. Some included FastPassTV and BedroomMedia. The amazing thing is he ran the entire operation from his bedroom.


The court was told that between 2008 and 2013 Mr Mahoney, had constructed these websites which allowed users to illegally stream movies and television shows. He pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud and acquiring criminal property. He also admitted that he netted almost $450,000 in revenue from ads. Hollywood lawyers claimed that the damages came to a total of $184million in lost revenue, they judged this figure from an estimated 12million views from users. The court though, said the damages came more realistically to $16million.

Mr Mahoney thought he was untouchable through the way he designed the website. People could visit his sites and search through millions of titles, then to watch them, they would have to click on links which took them to an unrelated 3rd party website. Law enforcement don’t see it this way and will investigate anyone involved with piracy like so.

Hollywood is taking charge, so I imagine more and more stories like this will arise over the coming months and years.





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