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Our post a few days ago about how iPhones and iPads are inherently the ‘most secure‘ was quite popular among our readers and i’m yet to figure out if it’s Apple fanboys rejoicing over their Android brethren or just surprising. I would like to make a disclaimer about that article and that even though i believe a non jail-broken iPhone is secure (as best as the programming can be anyway) there are most probably exploits waiting to be found in the Operating system. Though if you compare all reports, Android devices are really bad at the moment on the Security front.








Encryption has been apart of the iOS since the 3G and if you have ever seen the option, turn that thing on. So here’s how.

Navigate to:

  • Settings > General > Passcode
  • follow the quick wizard to create the passcode
  • then scroll to the bottom of that page and look for ‘Data protection is enabled‘ if you see this you’ve done it right

Basically this just adds to the already enabled hardware encryption by encrypting all your emails and apps with the passcode.

Another reason why i should ditch my Samsung and get my iPhone fixed.

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