Notorious Hackers Password Was His Cats Name

Remember Lulzsec, the black hat hackers who have been responsible for some high profile attacks, such as taking the CIA’s website offline. Well anyway back in 2012 the FBI raided several hackers residences and arrested some of those involved, one of those people was a man named Jeremy Hammond who was taken in on charges of device fraud and hacking. The FBI had caught one of their most wanted cyber criminals and even managed to access his encrypted laptop which he managed to close just before it was seized by the FBI.

At the time the FBI wouldn’t let up how they hacked his laptop. This is where Jeremy gave us a hint, in a recent profile he revealed that the password he used may have been to blame as it was the name of his cat chewy infact the password was “Chewy 123”. He is serving 10 years currently and will probably never use that password again.

What have we learn from this readers ….? that’s right sophisticated passwords, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out your birthday or your favourite colour so don’t skip over passwords as they are a very important aspect of security.

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