November Change Your Password Day

Here at TNA we take security seriously and today is the day we set out to remind our readers to change their passwords. It can get quite overwhelming these days with the amount of accounts online and PIN’s that we have to remember and unfortunately a side effect of that , is that people tend to share passwords between accounts, which opens up all sorts of security risks.

We recommend using a password manager to help store those passwords, something like Keepass or Dashlane, which encrypt passwords and creates an extra layer of security. Also avoid using the passphrase “password” or your birthday as they are far too easy for someone to hack. A good password should contain no words and use as many different characters and symbols as possible.

For the next 30mins go around and change all your passwords and enable two factor authentication if possible and using a password manager ,will make next months change a whole lot faster. Stay safe out there.

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