Operation Tarpit – War Against Booter Services

DDoS Attackers use Booter services
DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks can be ordered, for the right price.

Operation Tarpit is an international collaborative effort, fighting back against those involved in DDoS attacks and the “Booter service” websites, who aid in the process.

In our previous article Future of cyber warfare we pointed to the exponential increase of DDoS attacks and how they are becoming more and more popular. A successful DDoS attack requires large amounts of hacked resources to send an overwhelming amount of traffic to the target. While the most common method of procuring enough hacked resources to undertake an attack, is through an online portal called a “Booter service”

These Booter services are usually on the dark web and its function is to provide anyone willing to pay, DDoS attacks on demand.

The authorities know about these sites and are fighting back, because just last week, investigators from Europe and the US arrested almost 36 people, who are suspected as users of a Booter service.

The international crack down is part of a collaborative effort to stem the demand of these online services and push out a stern warning to operators and users of the Booter service. Being involved either directly or indirectly, will have consequences and ultimately see you end up behind bars.

A report by Brian Krebs detailed how the operation:

“involved arrests and interviews of suspected DDoS-for-hire customers in Australia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.”

Anyone who uses a Booter service, should be worried.

Currently the operation is targeting one time offenders, then warning and interviewing them for further information. The big push is to target those repeat offenders and stunt the growth of these sites.

While currently never having experienced a DDoS attack personally, many of the websites and online services i frequent have. The interruption these attacks create, can be time consuming and annoying, while also similarly time and cost expensive, for those sites affected.

There is also a mindset that if you aren’t directly involved with the attack, you are somehow innocent of any wrong doing, so this is pleasing to hear that all parties involved are feeling the hammer of justice. Plus a stern warning to those thinking of hiring the services, offered by the Booter service. DDoS attacks aren’t going away anytime soon, so any efforts undertaken to deter use are a plus in my book.

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