Predicted End Of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology
All sorts of wearable technology

Wearable technology just isn’t exciting anymore.

Are we now witnessing the end of an era, albeit a short one for wearable technology ?

About three years ago wearable technology was all the rave amongst the tech industry, we had Google glasses, Apple was releasing a Smart watch, Pebble raised $10million on Kickstarter and fitness fanatics where all over the Fitbit.

At the same time i wrote a small opinion piece on Quora about wearable tech and back then i didn’t see the point of purchasing any. My main argument was:

“they serve no great advantage to the user, for instance Samsung’s tech is only usable with certain models, Apples version will only work with iPhones and so on.

The watches them selves are bulky and don’t have great functionality, with the absence of the phone. So why would you use the watch to talk when the phone is in your pocket. The watches mostly run apps that are barebone versions of their phone counter-parts and you need to keep them charged (Thats alot of removing and wearing the watch) So it begs the question; Why would i want/need one ?”

It would seem i was onto something as recent events in the industry have proved.

Three years to prove its worth but no-ones buying it.

Wearable tech has had some three or so years now to prove itself but no-one is wearing Google glasses, Android wear’s update has been delayed to 2017 and as a result many partners have abandoned the tech as a result. There is also the once popular pebble watches, which has just sold to Fitbit for an estimated $40million, which is nothing, plus the sale means pebble has stopped production and no more will be sold.

In some egotistical way it feels like i should say “I told you so” but at the same time it’s a little disappointing that wearable technology are now just Fitbits and Apple watches.

In the original blog i did state that standardised protocols, open standards and some ingenious thinking may possibly save, what seems now an inevitable fate for the tech. It’s disappointing because no-one was able to see past watches and fitness trackers and design something revolutionary.

Well for now anyway wearable technology are just Fitbits and Apple watches. I don’t see it evolving into anything else at the moment, just a passing fad in the tech world.


    • I did look into the Ticwatch but it also is just a watch with some fitness tracking features added. I will admit it looks clean and sheek, just nothing we all haven’t seen before. I honestly don’t see it lasting any longer then Pebble watches did.

      Though if the demand is there, i can be proven wrong. Will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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