Securing Your WiFi Router

In today’s cyber security climate, it has never been more important to lock down your Personal or SOHO network. You know the router and associated network you use at home. All sorts of things these days are connected online, in households around the world and with the ease of access to WiFi these days, that list is growing even larger.

No longer is it just confined to a modem router and maybe one or two computers, there are all sorts of thing,s like mobile phones, TV’s, Tablets, Laptops and anything covered by the IoT title. It’s also not uncommon for unsuspecting users to find their personal files encrypted by some nasty Ransomeware, or some rogue virus or malware, lurking around your computers at home. No longer is some anti-virus software enough to keep the baddies out (The best you can) as anti-virus itself is pretty much an obsolete technique these days, due to the amount of zero days or undiscovered rogue signatures in the wild. Additionally the threat of DDoS attacks, malware, poor password hygiene, botnets etc… So it’s pretty important to make sure your WiFi router is as secure as possible, to ensure you have the best practices in place to protect yourself the best you can. Afterall this is usually the first place incoming packets pass through and aimed with the right knowledge, plus the tools, you can do some steps yourself, to keep yourself safe.

Now the team over at Grahamcluley have put together a fantastic guide to keeping your WiFi secure. It’s written for both beginner and advanced users alike and though it may sound daunting, the following guides are really the best way to mitigate threats at home. With a little persistance and willingness to learn, you too can master your WiFi router and maybe even save yourself alot of money and heartache later on. If you can’t get your head around network segmentation with VLAN’s and MAC address filtering, atleast make sure you are using WPA2 for your WiFi passwords, chuck on a firewall and just be careful.

While we are at it, why not check out our easy to follow guide to help keep your computer protected too.

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WiFi Guides

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