SONY’s Forensic Investigation

SONY have had to go ahead and hire Mandiant Forensics, after the Cyber attack they suffered last week. Their job will be to clean up the networks and fix any potential vulnerabilities that may have been placed on the systems during the attack. The attack took their computer network offline and a message appeared on the consoles which said “Hacked By #GOP” along with some red skulls. GOP is said to stand for Guardians Of Peace.

Reports are also coming out that the FBI are also investigating the cyber attack. These reports are yet to be confirmed though.

SONY hasn’t revealed the scope of the attack and to what extent their own systems have been affected but at least the email system went down as messages where bouncing back asking the sender to call due to the systems being offline and they are also investigating whether or not North Korea mounted an attack against the company for its backing of the film “The Interview” which is a comedy about the assassination attempt of Kim Jong UN, which the North see as sponsoring of terrorism.

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