Superfish Lawsuit

Lastweek saw the revelation that certain Lenovo laptops where shipped with pre-installed bloatware, which caused some really big security risks on the system. This was come to be known as Superfish as it was run by an Israeli software company called ‘Superfish’.







This oversight saw the adware installed at the lowest levels of the operating system and in effect the user was being fed targeted ads and also being tracked all over the internet. Not only is this a huge breach of privacy but it seems somewhat illegal too.

Even after Lenovo admitted the mistake and posted a removal tool on their website, it seems that was not enough and a Lawsuit has been filed. No comments have been reported from Lenovo but it seems consumer backlash will win here.

All too often big business acquire any data they can about it’s users, in an attempt to sell more but it looks like Lenovo went too far here and not many people are happy.

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