Tetris Grand Master

What is a Tetris Grand Master or GM ?

When it comes to the definition of a GM, it’s someone who is insanely good at placing different shapes all together and really fast. When you watch the video it will all become much clearer. For someone to become a GM they must pass some pretty hard tests, it includes reaching the games highest drop speed and clearing hundreds upon hundreds of lines all within 7mins. Then comes the real exam, you must play while the credits roll on the screen but once the blocks land, they turn invisible.

KevinDDR during the final exam to become Tetris Grand Master
KevinDDR during the final exam to become Tetris Grand Master







Not surprising, but before the man who calls himself KevinDDR obtained the honourable rank, only 5 known players had achieved it before him and they all live in Japan. This makes him the first person in North America to do it.

Luckily the whole thing was recorded on Twitch and you can watch the archived footage here: Tetris Grand Master KevinDDR trust me once he starts you literally cannot look away, its so mesmerizing and just beautiful.

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