The Biggest Data Breach In History

A Russian hacker has admitted his involvement in one of the biggest data breaches in history, targeting such networks as the NASDAQ, JetBlue,Euronet, Dow Jones, 7-Eleven and many more.
He was apart of five hackers which hacked their way through these corporate networks and stole usernames and passwords, credit card details and numerous sources of ID theft. It has been alleged that they managed to acquire some 160 million card numbers through their illegal penetration of these networks.
They used techniques such as SQL injections and used these SQL database vulnerabilities to gain initial entry, once inside the target network, they would place malware on these hacked systems as a means of leaving themselves a backdoor.

It was also reported that this group spent many months conducting reconnaissance on the targets and also waiting many months looking for the opportunity to attack and bypass any security measures in place with minimal effort. Once inside they used a global network of computers to store and on sell the data they stole.


The Russian hacker, 34 year old Vladmir Drinkman was the individual who admitted to his involvement in this large scale attack. It resulted in 160 million credit card details to be stolen and potentially millions in lost money for the victims. In February he was charged with conspiracy to commit unauthorised access of protected computers and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
The US attorney added that Mr Drinkman, “posed a cutting edge threat to our economic well being, our well being, privacy and national security”

Vladmir Drinkman was unavailable for comment.


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