The Next Generation of iPhone’s Announced

So something happened overnight, that I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be excited about and it was the announcement of the new iPhone’s, the 6S and 6S Plus. These smart phones will usher in the new generation of Apple’s improved technology and processing power.

Inside these shiny new devices, the A9 processor is at the heart of it all, while boasting a reported 70% better all-round performance and an increase in battery life (We’ll soon find out if this is true or not).


Your experience interacting with the phone will change somewhat. Apple have fitted a new glass type on the front, X-ion and it’s pressure sensitive. Apple are calling this feature “3D Touch” It will mean you can navigate the screen like your using the trackpad on any of Apple’s Macbooks and a host of other unique ways to interact using this 3D Touch.

The camera has also been improved upon, this time they have put a 12mp camera on the iPhone and the ability to now record video in 4K (This would churn through battery)

Remember “Bendgate” a problem which plagued the first iteration of the iPhone 6. We saw phones bend in pockets and even people showing of videos of how easy the phone was to bend (like the one in the video below). Well Apple have used their new aluminum they call “The 7,000 Series” it’s meant to be much stronger and boast much better resistance to scratching.



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