The Rise of the Bitcoin

Some of you may use it, some of you may have never heard of it but if things keep going the way they are, we could all be seeing alot more of this cryptocurrency in the future. So why the new spike in popularity you ask…

Well a startup called “Coinbase” who already develop a mobile wallet for the cryptocurrency , have announced to the world that they would launch the worlds first Licensed Bitcoin exchange. There are already a couple places already where you can exchange Bitcoin but they have usually had a rollercoaster affect on the value of Bitcoin. Doing it this way they plan to bring stability and security for the trading of the Bitcoin.

3 Piles of Bitcoin, Coins
Physical representation of some Bitcoins







Well this news excited punters and it saw the currency jump above $300US just on word of the news. With continual support for Bitcoin it could soon be a standard amongst currency traders.

The next thing to watch out for though, will be those pesky hackers. Lets see how this performs over the next twelve months, cause it should be interesting.

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