The Score With X-Keyscore

Thanks to the documents released by Edward Snowden, we discovered that there is a secret computer monitoring system called X-Keyscore (XKS)

XKS was used first by the United States own NSA to search and analyse global internet data, of which is collected daily. Since then it was also discovered that XKS was shared with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany.

XKS Presentation Slide
XKS Presentation Slide

The full capacity and functions of the XKS system aren’t completely known but it has been said by Snowden that it basically allows unlimited surveillance of anyone, no matter their location in the world but the NSA have commented saying that the use of XKS is limited and restricted in its use.


So what exactly is the deal with XKS ? Well for those who want more have done an exceptional write up of it and they are even calling it the Google of private communication surveillance.

Click the links below to read the write up by

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