Unable to Update iOS Apps: How To Fix

Sometimes automatic updates on your iOS device might fail and when you goto manually download the update, you get a message saying “Unable to update apps at this time” or something similar.


Here are two methods to try and hopefully fix the problem. I must warn you, it’s a must that you should definitely Backup your device before doing anything, the best option is within iTunes. If anything goes wrong you will be able to restore the device to its former glory.





Initially try deleting the apps, which are not updating individually, do this by:

  1. Hold down your finger over the app icons on the home screen, until they start to shake
  2. Once the icons are shaking, hit the X in the top corner to delete
  3. You will be asked if you really want to delete the app, hit yes (be aware you may lose highscores from the app etc)
  4. Now just visit the app store and you should be able to re-download the most updated version of the apps

Otherwise you could try…

First Backup Your Device, to itunes, This method wipes your system completely 

  1. Open settings>General > Reset > Reset All Settings
  2. Tap on Reset all settings, insert your passcode, then hit reset all buttons again
  3. The device resets itself
  4. Setup your WiFi internet connection
  5. Open iTunes and restore the backup you did earlier
  6. Enter the App store and, update all

It should work from here







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