VexBox, Your Kids Worst Nightmare.

What could be worse then struggling through your teenage years and losing your phone, or maybe worse being stuck without no Internet!!

Well this is the closest thing to it. The startup “VexBox” has created a tiny black box that hooks up to your home network and throttles the internet speeds and we’re talking 56k. The reasoning for building this device is not just to annoy young adults but to discipline them too. They’ll have to endure such slow speeds they might even just give up on the whole thing and do their homework instead.

VexBox will make your teens life a living hell.
VexBox will make your teens life a living hell.







The unique goal of this device, is not just to throttle your bandwidth, but only letting “allowed” websites to load at full speed but other “Flagged” websites (facebook, youtube etc..) will only come in at a dribble or 56k. (How did we ever do it) If VexBox gets the greenlight this black box of evil is expected to cost a tidy $80US.

If for some reason the VexBox doesn’t pass the Kickstarter phase, there are still plenty of other options that can essentially do the same thing, both software and hardware. But just the presence of the box might actually motivate the kids get some chores done. I hope this thing makes it *Evil Laugh*

The All powerful VexBox
The All powerful VexBox

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