Weak Passwords Cost Some Alot of Coffee

It has been reported that some unlucky users of the Starbucks app have lost hundreds of dollars within mere seconds. The Starbucks app can be set to auto-reload funds when it gets low. So those who where hacked had these three figure losses after the hacker would repeatedly send $50 gift cards out. One guy even lost $550 in just minutes and that’s alot of coffee.


In response to questions by CNN, Starbucks said that no data had been hacked or stolen but it was the fault of the users themselves using shared or weak passwords, some would argue much like the coffee too but i digress.

The best mitigating advice here is to obviously create a stronger password and not linking your payment details to the app.

If you need help in generating a password try this website out, it even has the option to generate the password locally, which i highly advise you to use.


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