What is this Regin ?

If you haven’t heard already, Regin was discovered sometime last week, it is a sophisticated and powerful piece of malware which has been essentially undetected for some years now. It  has the ability to intercept passwords, login info, take screen shots, remote desktop, all this without the user knowing a thing. Symantec made the announcement last week of the discovery and after analysing the code and the sophisticated frame work, it is suspected that this may be the work of either the US or UK government.

Symantec have described Regin as “Groundbreaking”  and “Peerless” which doesn’t just infect individuals but entire networks.

The complete details are not yet clear, such as what other information it is receiving, how it infects the computer initially, how it disguises itself within the O/S to stay undetected etc. but one thing is sure, Regin is a powerful piece of malware which probably wasn’t just written in a week, more like months to years.





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