What’s Up With WhatsApp

Have you ever heard of Vcards ? Well they are usually used to share contact details between two phones but since WhatsApp has released its service to the online web environment, people have discovered a way to exploit this.

The infection is easy enough, send a Vcard which is infected with whatever type of malware, ransomware or trojan you can think of and once the receiving party accepts the Vcard, an executable file runs and infects you with the payload. Apparently over 200 million users are reported to use Whatsapp, so the damage could of been huge!


Thankfully Whatsapp became aware of the issue and it has been patched over. If you are still to update your smartphone version of the app, do it now and while i got your attention, never accept attachments if you are not expecting them, that goes for email as well as Whatsapp. So stay safe.


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