Windows 19 Year Old Bug

Security researchers have discovered a flaw in Microsoft’s popular operating system, Windows and it doesn’t just affect current versions, this flaw goes back as far as Windows 95.

Even though the problem has literally been in our faces since the beginning of the personal computing boom, it is lucky that experts don’t believe that it has been used maliciously and I stress yet!

Security researchers last week found the exploit and promptly reported it to Microsoft privately. What was found was an exploit, which if executed allows a hacker to remotely execute malicious code / malware onto the system, by tricking the user into clicking a link to a certain URL, the code can then be run if they browse through Internet explorer, this exploit goes back to IE 3.0

For most people it’s as simple as running Windows update and installing the patch but remember for those of you on XP still, Microsoft stopped supporting it since it has come to the end of it’s support life cycle. So if you intend on staying there be safe.

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