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For those of you who think your apple tablets, phones and computers are invincible and will never get infected with viruses or malware, think again! Palo Alto Networks, who are a security firm have discovered an infamous piece of malware that may have been around since the beginning of April, it targets jail-broken and non-jail-broken phones as to not discriminate. This nasty surprise is capable of stealing you user data, browsing habits, address book contacts and even iMessages. From there that data is sent to a server very far away ( i presume no-one knows where yet)

Don’t fret too much though, it appears to be contained within china, basically that’s because they have access to a third party app store named “Maiyadi” and within this third party app store there is reportedly something like 467 odd apps which carry this malware.

Wirelurker starts when you download an infected app from any third party app store, from there it becomes active and does its thing. Also if you happen to have an infected MAC, Wirelurker will monitor USB connections looking for iPads and iPhones to be connected and once linked it will repackage apps already on the phone and send them back infected.

The best defence is to use anti-virus / anti-malware tools on your OSX computers, making sure you keep the signatures updated, avoid connecting you devices into untrusted computers and for the sake of humanity stay away from those nasty third party app stores.


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